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As we mentioned from the CES, Lenovo had prepared its first all-in-one multi-technology, and here it is. The C310 offers a 20-inch screen-as we say-compatible with pinches, an AMD Athlon dual-core, 4 GB RAM, ATI Mobility Radeon (unspecified) and as was normal in the brand teams, much, much software (you know, trial versions and other programs come-memory).

As for appearance, color that copper may be accompanied by a keyboard and mouse with so little grace, not to the liking of many, but let’s not forget that here is space. For $ 649 (472 euros) can be yours from April.

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Top 5 desktops by CNET

Desktops have the advantage over laptops that the spare parts and extensions tend to be standardized, resulting in lower prices and greater availability. For example, the form factor of the motherboard is standardized, like the ATX form factor. Desktops have several standardized expansion slots, like Conventional PCI or PCI express, while laptops only tend to have one mini PCI slot and one PC card slot (or Express Card slot). This means that a desktop can be customized and upgraded to a greater extent than laptops.

5. Gateway SX2800-01

This slim beauty proves that you do not need much money to have a good computer. For $ 500 is fast, affordable and cheaper than many Netbooks with a tenth of its capacity.

4. Maingear Shift.

Beautifully produced, with increased frequency and a unique internal wiring makes a good example of the heights that can reach the desktop.

3. HP TouchSmart 600.

It is the computer for the kitchen. Its design is versatile, his beautiful touch screen and an excellent application for the recipes make this an obligation between the kitchen and breakfast area. It also integrates Netflix and Google. Do all this in your Netbook.

2. Apple iMac 27 inch

The ultimate for the office. The all in one screen bigger world and fast Dual Core processor. If you have an optical disc for Blu-Ray had come further up the list.

1. Velocity Micro Edge Z30.

With an Intel Core i7 takes a rating of 8.9 out of 10 in the Editors Choice. For a little over a thousand dollars is the best midrange PC that money can buy. If you seek a competent computer to play, you found it.

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